On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the Czech Republic, C.S.CARGO, in collaboration with the non-profit organization Memory of Nation, launched a project that involved naming 10 trucks after (un)known heroes and heroines of the last century who fearlessly fought for their country. Through the message "Every nation has its own heroes. We do not forget!", the company aimed to express respect and acknowledge that it is thanks to these heroes and heroines that we currently enjoy the best times in our history.


By fostering a long-term partnership with the non-profit organization Memory of the Nation, C.S.CARGO celebrated the Republic's anniversary in a unique and non-traditional way, while also reminding its business partners and employees about the importance of remembering our history.


In collaboration with Werk Camp Advertising Agency, we documented the entire project, including the preparation of the trucks, the launch event, and a special gathering for C.S.CARGO employees. The materials created, such as videos, a microsite, and photos, were utilized across various communication platforms, including the C.S.CARGO website, partner newsletters, social media channels, and by featuring the trucks during loading and unloading. Furthermore, these materials were also shared internally for effective communication.


With minimal costs, we were able to reach a substantial number of readers (2,331,529) through a total of 19 media outputs. In addition to industry-specific transport media, the topic received coverage on the iDNES portal, which dedicated a special article to the project. We received positive feedback from employees and business partners, and even had several descendants of the honoured heroes come forward, expressing their gratitude for sharing the stories of their family members.




September–October 2018


Media relations