In response to an amendment to the Road Act, Mattoni, our client, made the decision to bid farewell to their iconic eagle-shaped advertising banners. However, they didn't disappear altogether. Instead, Mattoni embarked on a new initiative, and our team was tasked with bringing it to life.


The distinctive eagle-shaped advertising carriers of Mattoni have graced the Czech landscape since the 1990s, becoming an integral part of its identity. A public opinion poll revealed that their removal would be perceived as a loss by a significant portion of the Czech population. In collaboration with the Prague City Gallery and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Mattoni organized a competition for young artists, inviting them to design new artwork for these former eye-catching banners.


The media coverage of the entire project was overwhelmingly positive. Our AMI team successfully promoted this unique cultural project, securing coverage in 70 media outlets in 2018. We provided detailed information about the new eagles accompanied by high-quality photographs and time-lapse videos. Additionally, we arranged extensive interviews with the participating artists and tapped into the regional interest surrounding the topic. Through our targeted media selection, up to 17.8 million people had the opportunity to learn about the project. The project and its communication efforts continue, and by the first half of 2019, a total of six eagles had been transformed.


One of the artistic motifs chosen for the transformed eagles was created by the internationally acclaimed graphic artist, Míla Fürstová. Despite being less known in the Czech Republic compared to abroad, we dedicated time to promoting the project alongside Míla Fürstová's personal PR. Mattoni even utilized her motif for a limited edition of labels, while visual artists showcased it at the Signal Festival in Prague.


Karlovarske mineralni vody (Karlovy Vary mineral water)


September 2017 – present


Media Relations, Personal PR