Did you know that regular self-pleasure, preferably 21 times a month, is beneficial to your health? Especially for the prostate. These and other pieces of information were shared with journalists in an exceptionally informal gathering.


The challenge was to approach the annually repeated significant health topic in an entertaining and unconventional way (in the Czech Republic, there are approximately 60,000 prostate cancer patients, with 20 new cases detected daily and 4 men losing their lives to the diagnosis), preferably with a touch of tabloid, to make it more relatable to non-medical journalists and media outlets.


A survey that perked things up


In collaboration with the client (Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice v Praze) and STEM/MARK, we conducted a survey targeting men aged 18 to 70. The questions focused on their sexual behaviour, particularly regarding masturbation, and their attitudes toward this form of sexual satisfaction in relation to their relationships and health. A total of 506 respondents participated in the survey, yielding interesting data:


  • Czechs have a positive view of these sexual practices, with nearly 80 % confirming regular engagement in masturbation.
  • Half of the respondents have no issue discussing masturbation with their partner.
  • Individuals with higher education tend to masturbate more frequently.
  • Most men are unaware of the health benefits associated with masturbation.
  • They also lack knowledge regarding the recommended frequency of masturbation for optimal health.


The blend of seriousness and tabloid appeal


To engage the media, we enlisted the expertise of specialists such as Professor Jiří Raboch, MD (psychiatrist and sexologist), Associate Professor Michal Pohanka (sexologist), and Dr. Libor Zámečník (urologist). Additionally, we involved moderator, director, actor, and humourist Jakub Kohák.


Thanks to his participation and the slightly provocative topic, a significant number of journalists attended the press conference, which was also broadcasted live on Tn.cz.


The experts delivered their presentations in a humorous manner, bringing a fresh perspective to serious subjects. Professor Raboch appreciated the fact that the hospital funded such a survey, deeming it unique and commendable. The last survey of this nature was conducted in 2003 by a pharmaceutical company, so there was no recent data on the actual sexual behaviour of Czechs.


Success on social networks


Sex coaches also participated in our event, sparking debates on social media platforms like Facebook and others. We received attention from experts who approached the issue from different angles as well. Overall, we observed numerous high-quality media outcomes, with an estimated reach of 25,189,410 people.


The project rightfully secured 1st place in the Czech PR Prize in the "Press Conference" category.


General University Hospital in Prague


November 2017


Press conferences