Did you know that regular self-satisfaction, preferably 21 times a month, is beneficial to health? Especially to prostate. This and other information was communicated to journalists at an exceptionally informal meeting.


Zadání bylo výzvou pojmout zábavně a netradičně každoročně opakované závažné zdravotní téma (v ČR je cca 60 000 pacientů s rakovinou prostaty, denně je zachyceno 20 nových případů a 4 muži na diagnózu umírají), nejlépe s nádechem bulváru a přiblížit ho tak i nezdravotnickým novinářům a médiím.


A survey that pep it up


In cooperation with the client (General University Hospital in Prague) and STEM/ MARK, we conducted a survey of men aged 18 - 70 years. The questions concerned their sexual behavior, especially masturbation, the attitude to this form of sexual satisfaction with respect to their relationship and health. Overall 506 respondents participated in the survey and we received interesting data:

  • Czechs have positive stance on these sexual practices, almost 80 % of those confirmed they regularly do masturbation.
  • Half of the respondents have no problem talking about that to their partner.
  • People with higher education masturbate more.
  • Most of the men know nothing about the health benefits of masturbation.
  • They also do not know what frequency of masturbation is good for them.


The connection of seriousness and tabloid


To engage the media, we approached the specialists (Prof. Jiri Raboch, MD, psychiatrist and sexologist, doc. Michal Pohanka, sexologist and Libor Zamecník, MD, urologist) and also moderator, director, actor and recesist Jakub Kohak.


Thanks to his participation and a slightly ticklish topic, a large number of journalists entered the press conference, moreover press conference was broadcasted live on Tn.cz.


Experts conceived their presentations in a humorous way, bringing serious themes in a fresh spirit. Prof. Raboch appreciated the fact that it was unique and meritorious that the hospital financed such a survey. It was last made in 2003 (by pharmaceutical company), so there was no data on the actual sexual behavior of Czechs.


Success on social networks


Sex coaches also took part in our event and there have also been some debates on social networks like Facebook and other about our topic. We were also approached by experts who deal with the issue from other angles. In total, we have noticed many high quality media outcomes with OTS = 25,189,410 people.


The project has deservedly won 1st place in the Czech PR Prize in the "Press Conference" category.


General University Hospital in Prague


November 2017


Press conferences