What is a better way to unite allegedly divined nation than to build a cathedral together? We have launched the Endowment Fund´s project Saint Vitus Organ in 2017 and we continue to remind Czechs of our national heritage to this day.


Even the APRA (Association of PR Agencies) jury noticed the project and selected it to compete for PR Awards Lemur 2019. But what was the idea behind the project? Our primary goal was to communicate the desire to build a new organ in Saint Vitus cathedral. The campaign aimed for donations and presented them as a national mission, which is open to whoever wants to take part in it. Furthermore, it aimed to disprove labeling the donation as “greedy Church begging for money” or an event of privileged creative-minds only. Its goal is to secure interest from the public and enthusiasts from the corporate, academic and public sectors as well as NGOs.


The campaign mostly combines online activities and media relations. As a tool for online communication we use genuine method for adoption of individual whistles (reminded by e-shop, however it is done on donation basis), supported by communication through Facebook. For continental media coverage, we use media conferences and influential voices (Cardinal Dominik Duka, Škoda Auto´s Bohdan Wojnar) as well as exciting forms of presentation (audio tests, videos, posters). Other ways of communication include interviews with active participators (organists, an organ specialist and a designer), news from the Spanish workshop where the organ is being constructed, personal stories of the donators or medialization of supporting and fundraising events (concerts, exhibitions).


We have registered over 300 media outputs. Of those, 165 were printouts and 16 were broadcasted on TV (over 200 minutes of prime time). The most important part, however is that over 10000 individuals donated over 78 million Czech Crowns (over 3 million Euros) together. For more information about this project: https://www.svatovitskevarhany.com/


Saint Vitus Organ Endowment Fund




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