The aim of this project is to present the Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice v Praze (VFN Prague) in a completely new and original way—through the personal stories and experiences of patients, doctors, and nurses. These are the individuals whose lives have intersected with VFN Prague at some point. With nearly 2 million patients and their loved ones passing through the hospital each year, and around 60,000 of them spending at least a few days there, everyone can encounter the Hospital of Stories in some form.


Above all, the project aims to provide hope and demonstrate that it is always worth fighting.


Initially, we needed to engage with the hospital management, clinic administrators, doctors, and healthcare professionals. We also sought out communicative patients with diverse diagnoses who would be willing to share their personal health journeys, revealing how illness affected their loved ones, personal lives, and professional careers. Only then can the general public truly empathize with their struggles and seek assistance. We met with each individual in person, conducted interviews, and carefully crafted their narratives. Once we completed 33 original and authentic stories, we launched the project with a vernissage, a dedicated website, and a press release to engage the media. Each story was accompanied by original graphics and a unique slogan, all of which were showcased on website. Nemocnicepříběhů.cz.


The project continues with ongoing activities.


Individual stories were shared on the hospital's Facebook profile and featured in the internal hospital magazine, Křižovatka. While media coverage was not our primary objective, we established collaborations with several media outlets. The project has been featured in publications such as Chvilka pro tebe (a weekly magazine), Moje zdraví (a monthly magazine), and (a web tabloid). Moje zdraví has even established a year-round partnership with us. In physical form, the stories are permanently exhibited in the corridors of the Fakultní Nemocnice at Karlovo náměstí and in various clinics within VFN Prague. The website continues to expand with more stories. We have also produced videos featuring our heroes and their attending physicians, discussing their illnesses, but most importantly, sharing hope and their prospects for recovery. Additionally, we are planning performances by some of the patients at educational events for the public. Furthermore, we intend to create an internal printed magazine featuring these stories, which will be distributed to all inpatient departments and selected waiting rooms at VFN ambulances. Spreading hope is an ongoing mission for us.


General University Hospital in Prague (VFN Prague)


March 2018 – present


Corporate Communication