They help save lives, organize charitable collections, and support weaker classmates. These are the young people of today. We continue to reveal their stories in the preventive and CSR project Young Hero, which has been managed by Ceska pojistovna since 2017.


The aim of the project is to motivate young people under 18 to pay attention to prevention and to be able to quickly help others in crisis situations. The specific objective of 2018 was to raise awareness of the initiative among educators who are with children on a daily basis. We built the campaign on authentic stories. We picked four award-winning children's stories and made them a poster featuring the popular children's game “Where is Waldo”. We also unobtrusively included other philanthropic deeds in the graphics, such as garbage collection or assistance to the handicapped. Thanks to the accompanying ID cards, both children and teachers were able to easily identify the real heroes in their surroundings and take an example.


We also addressed the brave boys and girls thanks to the original interactive poster that we sent to 70 schools. The cover letter had fourteen regional mutations, where we highlighted how many heroes currently exist. For social networks, we used graphically depicted stories of individual heroes, which we published on Facebook during September and October. We also identified a suitable story for the September award; for the first time we appreciated heroes from the Moravian-Silesian Region. It was their story that we appreciated right in the premises of the elementary school where the children go. In addition, we cited their class teacher in a press release to show educators and headmasters that engagement benefits them.


During its existence, the project has also brought 35 award-winning heroes in 9 regions, over 100 media outlets (including Czech Television, Czech Radio, Diary, MF Dnes, Lightning and a number of regional media) and over 800 fans on Facebook (of which 37% active in the age group under 18) with an annual reach of 396,736 users.


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