These young individuals save lives, organize charitable collections, and support their classmates in need. They are the heroes of today's youth. We are dedicated to uncovering their stories in the Young Hero preventive and CSR project, managed by Česká pojišťovna since 2017.


The project's objective is to motivate young people under 18 to prioritize prevention and develop the ability to assist others in crisis situations. In 2018, our specific goal was to raise awareness of the initiative among educators who interact with children on a daily basis. Our campaign centred around authentic stories. We selected four award-winning children's stories and incorporated them into a poster resembling the popular game "Where's Waldo?" Additionally, we subtly included depictions of other philanthropic actions, such as garbage collection and aiding the disabled, within the graphics. Accompanying ID cards enabled both children and teachers to easily identify the real heroes in their surroundings and serve as examples.


We also engaged brave boys and girls through an interactive poster that we distributed to 70 schools. The cover letter featured regional variations, highlighting the number of heroes present in each area. On social media, we shared visually represented stories of individual heroes, which we published on Facebook throughout September and October. We selected a suitable story for the September award, acknowledging heroes from the Moravian-Silesian Region. The recognition took place within the premises of the respective elementary school attended by the children. Additionally, we mentioned their class teacher in a press release to demonstrate the benefits of involvement to educators and school principals.


Since its inception, the project has celebrated 35 award-winning heroes across 9 regions, secured coverage in over 100 media outlets (including Česká televize, Český rozhlas, Deník, MF Dnes, Blesk, and numerous regional publications), and gained over 800 Facebook fans (with 37% actively engaging within the under 18 age group), reaching an annual user base of 396,736.


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