The threat of Alzheimer's disease is rapidly growing in the Czech Republic, with estimates suggesting that up to half a million people will be affected by the disease by 2050. As the competition among companies providing services for Alzheimer's patients intensifies, Alzheimercentrum partnered with us to distinguish itself from other providers and collectively educate the public about the challenges posed by this disease. And we exceeded expectations! How did we achieve this?


To mark the premiere of Still Alice, a film featuring a main character with Alzheimer's, we decided to disorient viewers at Febiofest for five minutes. By screening the wrong film, we aimed to induce a state of confusion, similar to what Alzheimer's sufferers experience daily. Simultaneously, we discreetly recorded the viewers' reactions with a hidden camera. At the end of the experiment, the perplexed viewers were presented with the text: "Do you feel confused? That's how people with Alzheimer's feel every day. Alzheimercentrum." Key journalists were invited to the event, completely unaware of our project. We chose this approach due to the ongoing challenge of raising awareness about this issue through conventional PR methods.


Through this innovative and creative approach, we successfully garnered media coverage for Alzheimer's disease and showcased Alzheimercentrum in major media outlets such as (homepage) and ČT 1 (Události). This method had never been employed before in the Czech Republic. This non-traditional and creative project, which cost CZK 20,000, achieved an Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) of CZK 3 million, reached an audience of 10 million people, and nearly overwhelmed the client's website due to the significant increase in traffic.


The successful project won first place in the 2015 Czech PR Awards in the News and Events category and first place in the Pharmacy, Health Care Sector category, as well as first place in the 2015 European Excellence Awards in the Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia category.




March 2015


PR, Media relations: Event