C.S.CARGO regularly conducts recruitment campaigns. However, this particular campaign had to be different – besides traditional recruitment of male drivers, the campaign focused also on female drivers. Therefore, we used the potential of the issue and involved existing female drivers in the campaign. With their life and work stories, we familiarised journalists with the profession and subsequently readers as potential job candidates.


##Not only online communication and advertising


At the beginning of the campaign, the research agency conducted a survey titled “Motivation of Women to Work as Provisional Drivers”. The advertising agency then prepared visuals and a video titled “I Have Not Only the Wheel in My Hands, but also My Life” featuring female driver Jitka Töglová, who at that time had been driving trunks for nearly two years.


The campaign was supported with online promotion via video banners on news portals, Facebook and the C.S.CARGO website. People could hear radio spots via regional radio stations. The company used an open-house event and magazine for employees to support recruitment.


We involved female drivers in the media campaign


AMI Communications was responsible for activities in the area of media relations, which were conducted throughout the period of the campaign. We first presented the campaign itself to the media, together with the conducted research, in the form of disseminated press releases and individual contacts with journalists. We subsequently worked with journalists individually. We arranged, for example, interviews with female drivers, the possibility to attend the open-house event at C.S.CARGO headquarters, and a report from a trip with a female driver, when a reporter rode with the driver as a passenger on part of the trip.


Thanks to cooperation with AMI Communications, our recruitment campaign was visible in the media. The stories of female drivers were engaging and increased the number of female job candidates at our company.


Aziz Jahić, Marketing Director, C.S.CARGO


##The campaign brought in hundreds of female applicants


The campaign was successful in terms of newly employed female drivers – hundreds of women responded, 150 female drivers advanced to the next round and 100% more female drivers are employed now than before the campaign.


From mid-May to mid-June, the online advertising campaign generated approximately 4,700,000 views. In media-relations activities, we reached a relatively large audience of 6,000,3777 readers (in the form of 29 outputs in online and print media) with minimal costs in the period from May to December 2015. We managed to have one of the drivers placed in the iDNES.cz series “People of the Czech Republic”. C.S.CARGO became known to journalists as a pioneer in the campaign for female drivers. Since then, journalists have approached us with questions and automatically mention C.S.CARGO if they are writing about female drivers.




The campaign won two awards in the 2015 Czech PR Awards competition: first place in the Corporate Communication category and first place in the Services category.


In December 2016, the project won a European Excellence Award in the Transport and Logistics category.






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