Do you want to build a strong image of your company, stir up a social debate on a selected topic or repair a damaged product reputation?



These are exactly the situations when it is useful to have a PR agency by your side that has strong and stable relationships with journalists. Agency, which masters the art of media relations, the art of relations with the media. These must be built over the long term and on a personal basis. That's why they are so valuable. Therefore, it is one of the most valuable assets of stable larger PR agencies with a long tradition. And thirdly, this is why we often celebrate success in tenders, because smaller agencies that have been on the market for a short time simply cannot usually provide this advantage to their clients. With our help, you will appear on the front page of the newspaper, in the main TV news or on the homepage of the visited portals. All this without having to pay for advertising.



Press release as a building block of PR


The oldest and, in terms of media intervention, usually the most effective media relations PR tool is the press release. We will evaluate the situation, analyze your documents, possibly go through various relevant statistics and sources, write our own press release text, compile a list of suitable media contacts, and after your approval, we will send out the report. Now all that remains is to check the monitoring that you will receive from us every morning, in which the media outputs will be clearly documented.


If you want to leave an exceptional impression and really work on building media relations, then we will be happy to organize a press conference, an interesting event or a press trip for you. Whether it's a launch party or a factory tour, you can be sure that your products and services will be remembered by all the journalists and influencers in attendance. Not only will we consult with you on the entire course of the event, from the invitation to the decoration, but we will also propose the optimal concept of the entire concept. Thanks to our long-standing relations with journalists, we will help you reach the most media and ensure their participation in events with the help of media lobbying.


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