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We are the biggest Czech PR agency.We have know-how based on more than 20 years of experience.


Our work


Media relations

It begins with monitoring and analysis of opportunities, continues with preparation of high-quality texts and doesn’t end with strong, stable relationships with journalists. We ensure that you will be heard about, whether in the social, news or specialised media. Events for journalists? Press conferences? Whether it involves publicity of products and services, B2B or B2C, we know how to get it done. 

Crisis communication

Managing crisis situations and protecting a brand’s good name and reputation can be a matter of days, hours or, in the online environment, even a few minutes. We help you manage crises and we will be there for you with our whole team of experienced consultants. But together with you, we will strive to prevent such situations. 

Internal communication

How to communicate with employees and draw them into the everyday life of the company? How to prepare them for changes in the firm? We will advise you on everything from getting feedback from employees and setting up an internal communication strategy to taking care of individual tools such as magazines, intranet, videos and meetings with employees. 

Celebrity PR

Do you want to involve famous faces in your communication? We cooperate with a full range of celebrities and influencers. We can select the right ones for you and set up cooperation that will bring forth a real effect and not just short-term attention. 

Media training

How to remain calm in front of the cameras? How not to be pushed into a corner? How to communicate with journalists and ensure that your answers are not used out of context? We will train your key employees and thus help overcome crises and other unpleasant situations. 

Public affairs

Do you need to positively influence legislation in such a way that it supports your interests? Do you need to defend your intentions in relation to government bodies? Is it useful for you to maintain quality relationships with these entities? Our colleagues from PAN Solutions will advise both you and us.  

Design and graphics

Do you also need to communicate visually? Our Design Communications graphics studio will handle everything from a new corporate identity, through billboards, advertisements and company magazines, to a new design for your website. 

About us

In PR, we do not build on a “green field”, but on know-how acquired over the course of our more than 20 years in operation. We have experience with clients in every conceivable sector. We know the market well and we have been cooperating with a number of clients for decades. We base our work on traditional PR processes, but we are not afraid to abandon the established way of doing things and to find new paths. Our best references are long-standing cooperation and the real impact that our work has on our clients’ business. 


Czech PR awards
Sabre Awards
European Ecxellence Awards


Would you like to discuss our services or invite us to take part in a tender? Please write to us at: topmanagement[at]amic.cz


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